Back in 1997, I started my career as a firefighter for the city Houston.  Although I loved my job, as with many firefighters, I needed a second source of income.  I have always had a love for graphic design and marketing as well as computers so I decided to start designing websites.
Space City Design was formed in Webster, Texas.  I built websites using Microsoft FrontPage and was building up a decent clientele.
By 2005, I had started using WordPress to design all my websites.  It was a much faster process considering my referrals started to pick up and I was designing many more websites.
Also, some of my clients were interested in me doing some search engine optimization.  That was a growing market back then but the undefined nature of it kept me from fully embracing the service but I dabbled in it at no cost to my clients because I was not sure of my results.
I changed my business name to Houston Web Solutions to better describe the added services that I began to offer.  Not just design services but also Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing and Pay-Per-Click Marketing.
Many times I considered hiring staff and getting some office space but I kept seeing a need for affordable website design and online marketing services.  There were many small businesses and organizations that needed a professional web presence that couldn’t pay thousands of dollars for it.
So I kept freelancing running my business from my home office.  I have met many business owners over the years and got to know the inner workings of many types of businesses.  Its been interesting and exciting meeting other entrepreneurs.

Welcome to Web Response Pro

I started the change to WebResponsePro because there was a paradigm shift in online marketing over the years.  Google has been dominating the search market for so long that now they actually shape the future of it.  Search Engine Optimization is no longer just about search engines.  It is an all-encompassing process that includes your website, social media engagement, online reputation and many other factors that work together to provide these advanced algorithms a picture of your business to the end user that is looking on the Internet.

With that, I changed to Web Response Pro to reflect that I provide a holistic approach to web design and Internet marketing that starts at your website and ends with a cohesive and coordinated branding throughout all your web properties and instances throughout the World Wide Web.